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Hello to all of my lovely readers!  I’m not sure how many of you are still here, I’ve been gone from my little blog for so long it seems.  Sorry about that!  Life has a way of taking over my bloggy life and next thing I know, it has been months since I have written a post.  The good thing is that I’ve been busy working away on some great things in my life and that nothing terrible is at fault for keeping me away (thank you to the readers that sent me nice little messages over the last few months checking in with me, everything has been busily wonderful!).

This post has a lot of pictures of what I’ve been crocheting and where I’ve been traveling, so I hope you don’t mind if I just let the photos do much of the talking!

IMG_2992 IMG_2983 IMG_2980

For Mother’s Day, my husband and boys took me to the local ceramics shop and we painted a few items.  They had this noodle bowl which has a hole in it for holding chopsticks.  I, of course, immediately thought “yarn bowl!!!”.  When I picked it up after they fired it, I was so happy with how lovely it turned out.  And, naturally, C thought it would be a great place for Kirby to hang out when I’m not using it for yarn.

IMG_2964 IMG_2958


Our friends are expecting a baby boy in a few months and of course I had to make a blanket for the little guy.  I can’t wait to meet him!  We have been friends with this couple since high school.  I have actually known the dad since we were 12 and he’s been my husband’s best friend since they were in Jr High!  Which is kind of funny because although my husband and I had a lot of mutual friends, we went to different schools and didn’t meet until I was 19.


This little lovely is a pincushion that I made and I think several more are in order.  It’s just a fun little project and keeps my yarn needles from getting lost.  You can get the pattern over at Cherry Heart.  She has a wonderful blog that I really enjoy browsing, so do go take a look!


This is just a little sneak peek at the colors I’ll be using for a clamshell cushion.  This is another of Cherry Heart’s patterns and I’m really enjoying it.

IMG_3108 IMG_3155 IMG_3209 IMG_32151000056_10200895371620576_1132651207_n

We took a very fun trip up to Mendocino, CA.  It’s about an 11 hour drive from where we live, so it was quite the drive, but so worth it!  We were there to see our friends get married.  The ceremony was right on the bluffs, with the ocean in the background and it was just gorgeous.  Of course, I had to find the LYS in town and I picked up some very lovely Canopy Fingering.  It’s blend of baby alpaca, merino, and bamboo and it is crazy soft!  I’m using it to crochet a ripple cowl from a Japanese chart that I’ve been admiring for quite some time.

I’ll be posting a new pattern soon, as well as a few new recipes.  I’ve so missed being on my blog and I hope ya’ll forgive my absence!  Go……….create something beautiful today!