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A few days ago, I went to a baby shower for my nephew who is due in March.  I am so happy for my brother-in-law and his sweet girlfriend to welcome this baby into our family!  I have two nieces on my side of the family, but this will be my first nephew.  As a boy mom, I am really excited.  I crocheted several items for my new little nephew that I wanted to share.

First, I am a serious procrastinator.  That being said, I didn’t start his blanket until just a few days after Christmas.  All of a sudden I realized that if I didn’t start it right away, there was no way it would be ready in time for the shower.  I started hooking up squares in every minute of free time I had and, unbelievably, I finished it in exactly two weeks.

Retro Circles Blanket made by Dandelion Daze, pattern by Three Beans in a Pod

I am so happy with how this turned out.  The pattern is the Retro Circles Blanket by Three Beans in a Pod.  I made 42 squares and joined them 6 across and 7 down.  I joined them with single crochet stitches which gives the raised border between the squares.

The border for this blanket is 1 round of hdc in white, then I did one round of moss stitch in each color, followed by a final moss stitch round in white.  Moss stitch is * 1sc, ch1, sk next st * around.  In the corners, I did 1sc, ch 1, 1 sc all in the same corner stitch.

Here is a little closer look at the moss stitch border.  I just love how the colors seem to bleed together.

Here is a little closer look at the moss stitch border. I just love how the colors seem to bleed together.

I can not believe that I was able to make this in only two weeks.  My wrist was hurting pretty badly for a week or so after I finished, but of course I kept on crocheting, so that didn’t help matters.  I actually didn’t even touch a crochet hook yesterday but I think I need a few more days like that for my wrist to feel better.  I need to join a support group or something!  “Hi, my name is Heather and I can’t stop hooking!!”. 😉

One last look at this blanket because I really love how it turned out!

One last look at this blanket because I really love how it turned out!

So I thought I was all done with gifts for this little boy, as I had made him the blanket, a hat and a Sunburst Crochet Pillow Ball.  And the shower was in 3 days.  But then I was shopping for yarn for a different project and found a cotton ombre in the same colors I used in the blanket.  And it was on sale.  So, of course, I HAD to make him a little toy to go along with the blanket.  I just had to.

How cute is this little guy?!

How cute is this little guy?!

I love this little hippo!  I need to make another for my boys, before they’re too big to snuggle with stuffed animals.  This is the Harriet Hippo pattern by Fugly Crochet.  I just love that name, by the way!!  We used to say fugly all the time as kids and I don’t know many people who say it.  The pattern also includes an elephant made with the same body design and a different head.  It’s not a free pattern, however it is well worth the couple bucks I paid for it.  The pattern is very well-writen and includes many pictures to explain how the pieces come together.  I can’t say enough about how clever this design is.  There is no sewing together at all!  It’s pretty fun to join the pieces with crochet and suddenly see it all come together.

On Ravelry, there are many comments about this hippo coming out front heavy so it stands on it’s nose.  Having read that before I started, I added some ceramic pie weights to the stuffing in the feet and body.  I like these because they are pretty heavy for their size and also washable.  They are also too big to escape the crochet, but I still recommend putting them inside a little fabric liner or stocking if making the toy for a baby.

The pattern calls for safety eyes but I stitched the eyes on with a scrap of black yarn.  I just didn’t feel like going to the store again!

Hippo and Baby Blanket made by Dandelion Daze

I am so excited to meet my new little nephew!  My brother and his girlfriend really loved the gifts I made which is awesome because anyone who knits or crochets knows how great it feels when your handmade gifts are loved and appreciated.  And I’m so happy I made the hippo at the last minute because that was their favorite item of the things I made.

I hope you enjoyed this look at what I’ve been working on instead of blogging these last few weeks!

Go…….create something beautiful today!


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