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It seems that I never have photos of my WIPs ready for WIP Wednesday so I’ve only participated in a few posts for it.  Actually, I almost forgot that today is Wednesday!  This short week is throwing me off since the boys didn’t have school on Monday.  But I realized soon enough what day it was and that I had two things to share with you all today.

This is the start of Prince Fluff. As you can see, I am super fancy with my paper clip stitch markers.

The first is Prince Fluff which I am making for C.  I mentioned in my last post that I was working on these cute little guys for my little guy and they’re turning out great.  Prince Fluff is from the video game Kirby’s Epic Yarn.  C loves it, I have to seriously monitor that boy’s game time otherwise he would play it ALL the time!  So, I finished Kirby the other night and gave him a face, and now I just need to finish up Prince Fluff.  It’s a super easy and well-written pattern from Nerdigurumi which you can find here.  The only problem is that my hand starts to hurt after just a little bit of hooking because I am trying to crochet tightly so I don’t have to worry about the stuffing coming out.

Now that I’ve started making some amis, the requests are just pouring out from my boys for their favorite characters.  I am sure you’ll be seeing a few more amis from me in the future if my kids have any say in the matter!  And of course they do.

The other thing I’m working on today is a sample from a crochet chart that I found online.  I have an idea bouncing around in my head for another infinity scarf and I’ve been trying to find a stitch pattern that is similar to what I have thought up.  I’ve never attempted to crochet from a chart, but I didn’t think it could be too hard.  It’s pretty easy actually!

The chart for this is in Japanese, so I have no idea what this is called! But I think I really like it!

So I’m wondering….what do you guys think of this?  I know it’s a super small sample, but I’m looking for input.  I really like this stitch pattern and I’m thinking of either incorporating it into another infinity scarf or making a pair of fingerless gloves with it.  If you wouldn’t mind, I’d love feedback in the comments about which you’d rather see a pattern for in the future.  Hopefully I can write it up in a way that makes sense.  There are these weird twisty double crochets in there that took me a minute to figure out, but I eventually got it.  I may have a call for pattern testers later on if I do decide to make a pattern with this!  I’d hate to give you guys something that’s all crazy and confusing!!

Here’s a closer look at this sample. I’m liking it, twisty double crochets and all! Let me know what you think……infinity scarf or fingerless gloves?? Or…?????

I’m off to go make some enchiladas for dinner.  Now that football season is over for us (T’s team made it to the first round of playoffs, but we lost this past weekend) I can actually cook more than only twice a week or so.  It’s nice not to eat leftovers every night of the week because of the crazy practice schedule!

Go…………create something beautiful today!


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