I hate being sick!  The only worse thing is being sick when my kids are sick, which is the case today.  If there were such a thing as the perfect day to be sick, it would be today.  The weather has been crazy hot here and just finally cooled down over the last 3 or 4 days.  This morning it rained and it’s still lightly coming down.  If I have to be sick, I want it to be cold and rainy just as it is today.  T stayed home with me today as he woke up with a fever.  We’re not doing anything today except hanging out and watching TV.  Well, he’ll watch TV and probably play some video games.  I’m going to drink tea and crochet.  And if I feel up to it, I may make another batch of Peanut Butter Honey Cookies and see if I can perfect the recipe this time.

I decided a few days ago that Peanut Butter Honey Cookies sounded amazing.  So, instead of finding a recipe, I just tweeked the regular peanut butter cookie recipe that I like to use.  They came out pretty good, but I think I’ll have it perfect next time and then I can share it with you guys.

I finished crocheting birthday presents for my two best friends last night.  They actually share the same birthday and I will be seeing them both this weekend.  I love how their presents came out, but I can’t show you yet because at least one of them is a reader here!  Next week I’ll share pictures.

I hope you’re all keeping healthy with the kiddos all back to school for a while now and the cold/flu season kicking in to gear.  Stay warm if your weather is nice and chilly and keep cool if you’re still battling the heat as I know some of you are!

Go………….create something beautiful today!