Good morning!!  I have been wanting to share a lot more crochet goodness lately and today I have several fun items that I have been working on to show you.

But first, I have to tell you about this class I took at the gym yesterday.  C has been at home for the summer and yesterday was his first day back to preschool.  It should have been last Tuesday, but the poor guy ended up with a massive middle ear infection AND mild pneumonia!  So of course he was home all last week getting lots of Mama snuggles during his recovery.  He is feeling great now and we are almost done with his antibiotics.  So, I have been looking forward to going back to the gym, as I can only stare at the wall of my hubby’s office while I run for so long.  Plus I love trying out the classes there!  So yesterday, I dropped off the little guy and headed to the gym for the Hot Hula Fitness class.  I have seen this class a couple times while I am on the machines and I have to say I was a little doubtful of how much of a workout the class would really be.  It’s kind of like Zumba, but only in that it’s dance.  It’s a Polynesian dance cardio class.  The instructor’s first words when myself and several others raised our hands to say that it was our first time were: “You’re going to move your hips in ways you’ve never moved them before!”.  And boy was she right!  It was super fun, though and I was dripping sweat less than halfway through the hour long class.  It went by so fast, too!  Also a plus, I learned a new word for my, uh, bum: okole (oh-koo-lay).  And let me tell you, when I woke up this morning, my okole was feeling it!  I am going back tomorrow and I hope to keep it up twice a week.  Hopefully my okole will be in shape in no time!  Just in time for cool weather and layers of clothes!  Wait, I think I’ve got this backwards.  Oh well!

So anyhow, on to the lovely, hooky business of crochet!!  I’ve been plugging away on C’s wavy blanket and making slow progress.  I was hoping to have it done for the cooler weather but I better get a move on if I am going to meet that goal!  Here is a picture that I shared in a previous post and below that, a picture that I took this morning:

This is progress on the wavy blanket as of July.

Progress on the wavy blanket as of September, almost 2 months later. Not much has happened for nearly 8 weeks!!

It’s about doubled in rows over 2 months, but that’s not going to cut it if I hope to snuggle my little guy under this blanket when the cool weather finally hits.  I’ve been busy with some other smaller projects, so I hope to get the last of those out of the way soon and buckle down on this one.

Another project that I’ve been meaning to get started on is a Rasta hat for my husband.  I made him a beanie several months ago and the man practically lives with it on his head if he’s not at work.  Literally, he walks in the door, takes of his shoes, changes his shirt and puts on his beanie.  That makes me so happy, he has no idea!  So why has it taken me two months of him asking for a Rasta hat to actually make him one?  I don’t know!!  I finally got started on it a few nights ago and only have the band to do this evening to finish it up.

Cell phone shot of the beginnings of the Rasta Hat.

I should be able to share it with you for FO Friday.  I have a feeling that I will be making one for myself very soon, as I really love how it is turning out!

And finally for myself, I began a new slouchy hat pattern last night.  It’s one I’ve been wanting to make for a long time but have been avoiding as it has a knit band.  I am awful at knitting.  I don’t know why!  Maybe I will conquer it one day, but that day is not anytime soon as I have soooo many crochet projects to make.  I will probably just make a ribbed single crochet band for my slouchy hat instead of the knit band.  I don’t have much progress to show you, as I was literally falling asleep in bed while I crocheted last night!  I kept doing double crochets instead of treble crochets and then I finally realized that I did one too many doubles on a previous round and had to pull a bunch of it out.  At that point since I was making so many silly mistakes on such a simple pattern, I decided it was time go to sleep!

Not much to show! I’ll work on it some more tonight when I’m actually awake and not falling asleep!

The pattern for this hat can be found here on Ravelry.  It’s really a very pretty pattern and I hope to be able to show it to you on Friday!

On another note, I’ve decided that I need better yarn storage.  I have no idea when I’m going to find the time to tackle that, but I really would like to get it all off my bedroom floor, or at least covered!

It’s not much of stash compared to most, but it really needs a better home!!

See my bag from Craftsy there?  Eeek I’m so excited to use that yarn!  It’s a very beautiful and soft organic cotton yarn.  I bought the cream color and I’m still a little undecided on what to use it on, there are so many great patterns I want to make!  But I do know that it will definitely be a wearable item for moi!

I hope you all are having a loving Wednesday!  I am off to hit the treadmill and then go grocery shopping with my little man, Mr. C!

Go………..create something beautiful today!


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