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I love WIP (work in progress) Wednesday!  It’s fun to see everyone’s projects coming together and read about their techniques.  Since I’m still new to this blogging thing, this is my first WIP Wednesday that I have actually participated in any linky parties and I’m a little excited about it!

Right now I am focusing on joining the squares that I have completed so far for my son’s Sunny Spread afghan.  Here is a picture from a previous post of the motifs:

This is going to be a very colorful afghan!!

I haven’t yet tackled the joining of any type of squares, so as I saw the stacks of motifs getting bigger, I started to get a little scared.  Yesterday I played around a bit with how I’d like to join them.  I whip stitched, then I slip stitched, and finally I single crocheted and decided I liked that the best.

Success!! My first ever 4 squares joined together!

I think I am probably going to pull out the stitches though and start over.  You can see in the picture that I basically started with the green and then joined squares to all sides.  I like how it looks with the stitches going around it in a border, but I can’t replicate that when I join a square to the yellow or purple.

See? I think this looks cool, but I don’t think I can continue this corner border for the next square.

I think later today I will join the square in the open space here and see if I can replicate the corner border.  I have to play around a bit, but that’s what is fun for me with crochet: finding a beautiful pattern and making it a little bit unique, a little bit my own.  The way I really see these coming together in the end is single crocheting the horizontal rows together first and then single crocheting down the vertical rows.  We shall see!  But the good news is…I am no longer intimidated by joining squares together!  I got this.

Go………create something beautiful today!


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