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Last night I was attempting to get started on a fairly quick crochet project that I want to have completed by Friday. Then this guy hops on the bed….

Meet Pepperoni and Soda. Named by my then-3-year-old, C. We usually just call him Pepper.

He looks innocent enough here.  Like he might just hang out there on the edge of the bed and let me get my crochet on.

Hey, did you know that yarn in your lap is moving? I think I can stop that for you.

Well so much for that.  Next thing I know this beast (he’s a huge cat and only a little over 1 year old) is in my lap, doing his best to add some cat hair to the fiber content of my yarn.

You don’t mind, right? I mean you didn’t actually want that yarn moving around on you, right?

Now he does exactly what he did to win over the hardcore dog person that I am.  He starts purring and getting all snuggly and cute.  Until he sees a shadow or a spider or something on the wall above my head.

It’s cool, I got this, too.

After a few attempts to attack my wall, Pepper decides this is too much work.  Maybe he is growing out of being a huge kitten after all.

This yarn, it seems, makes my lap extra comfy. Seriously, cat, I need to get this crocheting done!

Several cell phone pictures later, he appears to be getting annoyed with the loud camera noise my phone is making at him.  With any luck he’ll move and let me crochet on.

Really, lady? Can you stop with the camera?

And then just as I’m getting ready to pick him up and move him so I can shake out my yarn and get back to work, he does this……

Seriously? How can move him now?

I think he’s hiding from the flash.  It’s things like this that made this kitty win me over.  I’m not a cat person.  I don’t like them.  They’re not friendly, they run and hide.  Not this guy.  And no, I have not gotten any farther on my crochet.  I’ve done two teeny tiny rounds on a teeny tiny baby item and haven’t even joined the 2nd round yet.

That’s it. That’s all I got done. Eeek, Saturday will be here soon, I must finish this!

I’m not a weird cat lady, I promise.  I should go crochet now.

Go……..create something beautiful today.