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My son recently had his 4th birthday and we threw him a superhero party.  Everything is superheros for him these days and I love it!  He wanted to have capes for all of his friends to wear at his party.  I immediately started searching online for ideas on how the kids could make their own capes.  We ended up making them out of pillowcases and I really love how they came out!

My little superheros.

I came across the idea of making capes from pillowcases here on Vickie Howell’s blog and I knew this would be perfect!  Right away, I asked my sister-in-law to keep an eye out for pillowcases on her frequent thrift store excursions.  She is the best, let me tell you!!  A couple days later, she dropped by my house with a grocery bag full of thrift store pillowcases and even some foam letters she thought we could use to decorate them.

So, here’s what you need to make your own superhero capes out of pillowcases:

Pillowcases from thrift store (each pillowcase will make 2 capes)
Fabric scissors or pinking shears
Ribbon to tie around the neck
Download (FREE!) the Hall of Heroes font here
Download (FREE!) template for masks here if you’d like to make masks as well
Elastic (if making masks)
Lots of felt (don’t forget to check the remnant bin at your fabric store, I was able to get a few colors in there and save some cash!)
Tacky Glue or fabric glue
Other various decoration items: I provided rhinestones, sequins, feathers, ric-rac, pom-poms, foam letters and stars and fabric markers (get the kind that don’t require a heat set).

First, you’ll want to cut your pillowcases into capes.  To do this, first hold the pillowcase up to your child’s back to get an idea of the length you want the capes to be.  Then, you’ll just cut off the bottom at the length you decided on, cut off the side seam and then cut vertically up the other side that has no seam.  I went back along the bottoms and cut them in a zig-zag pattern so they wouldn’t be so plain looking.  The top of the pillowcase will have a large seam and this creates an opening to string the ribbon through.  You now have two capes ready to be decorated!

Next, I had my son choose several logos from the font program that he would like me to create felt logos for.  I had to play around with each logo in my word processing program quite a bit to get the correct size.  Print them in draft to save ink!  Then, you’ll cut out the stencils, pin them to the fabric and start cutting!  I had a ton of logos to make, so when possible, I cut out two or three at a time.  For the logos with skinny parts, like Wonder Woman, that was rather difficult so I did those one at a time.  Here is what my kitchen table looked like in the process of all of this……

Superhero party madness in action!

This was the product of about 3 hours of cutting and gluing. I still had a lot more to do! And I’m aware that The Green Lantern did not have a cape, but that’s what the birthday boy wanted!

I also cut out masks for the kids to decorate….

Superhero mask, ready for some decoration.

Once they were all cut, I measured my son’s head for the elastic.  Then I cut two small slits on either side of the masks where I wanted the elastic to be tied.  I threaded one end of elastic through the two slits on one side of the mask and tied it, then did the same thing on the other side.  For the mask decorations, I cut out some small lightning bolts and stars from the leftover felt.

At the party, I designated a craft table and laid out the supplies.  Make sure you have plenty of craft glue to go around for the kids!!  Also, if doing this outside, you’ll want several heavy items that will serve as weights so the capes don’t get blown over while drying or being decorated.  Have the kids move on to another activity for a bit while the glue dries before they wear them.  We found that after about 15 minutes they were okay to wear without anything falling off.

Unfortunately, I did not get many pictures of the finished capes at the party.  It’s a busy job being the party host!  But I do have a picture of one of my favorites……

And this little girl (who I adore!!) thought she wasn’t going to have any fun at a “boy” party!!

I hope you enjoyed my how-to for this super fun superhero craft!  Go……create something beautiful today 🙂