Good morning!  While I’m waiting for my coffee to finish brewing (brew faster!!!) I wanted to share the crochet projects I am currently working on.  I was crocheting like a crazy woman for a few months.  And I miss it dearly.  But, my house is much cleaner and my husband is therefore much happier.  He likes a good meal, but the way to that man’s heart is really with a clean house.  So, my crochet work has been sporadic at best.  But I did get a chance to work on my projects a bit over the last few nights.

I am making a blanket for each of my 2 boys.  I am trying to work on both of them as equally as possible so they will be done about the same time to minimize the “Why is his blanket done before my blanket????” that will inevitably occur.  This first one is what I am making for C, my just-turned-4-year-old.

I think he has fabulous taste! He picked out the pattern and colors for his blanket.

I started working on this in June, so you can see that, sadly, I have not made much progress on it.  The first blanket I made, I cranked out in about 3 weeks.  However the house was in shambles, but that’s okay because I was happy with my hook and yarn.  Right??  Right.

Anyhow, this blanket is all in Vickie Howell’s Sheep(ish) yarn and I am loving it!  I had only worked in cotton or acrylic before this (not crunchy, scratchy acrylic, the soft kind, it does exist!) so this was a very different feel in my hands and on my hook.  It’s 70% wool, 30% acrylic.  Take a look at Vickie’s website, she has a ton of cute and easy patterns!

The pattern I am using for this can be found on Ravelry, it’s a free download here.  The pattern is for a crib sized blanket, but I wanted it bigger, so I chained 158 to start and then followed the pattern from there.

I am making slow progress on my blanket for T, my 7 year old (who starts 2nd grade in 2 weeks!!!  I can’t believe summer is almost over for us!!!)

T picked out all of his colors too. This should be a pretty interesting piece once it’s all done!

This one is all done in assorted acrylics of the same weight.  The motifs are rather large and go by pretty quickly, so this one is coming together faster than I thought it would.  The stack of squares is getting bigger and bigger and I’m eventually going to have to hook them all together.  I was hoping I could do these with a join-as-you-go method, but after playing around with it, it just wasn’t really possible for this pattern.  You can find it here as a free download from Ravelry.

I have two cousins who are both expecting baby girls, so I really need to start the projects I have in mind for them!  Thankfully, I have the yarn already, so I just need to DO IT!

My coffee is done and smelling delicious so I am off to pour myself a cup and study for my test tomorrow in my Anatomy and Physiology class.  Go…….create something beautiful today!!