Okay, so obviously The 4th has passed us by and Memorial Day seems likes ages ago, but hey, I’m just getting started here! 😉  I wanted to share with you all the decorations that I made for my front walkway for the 4th of July.  I love the 4th.  It is my favorite holiday.  It just feels so good to don your red, white and blue, gather for a big BBQ and light off some fireworks.  That’s exactly what we do at my parent’s house each year.  But this is what I made to decorate my house:

I just love how these turned out!  Best of all, I had all of the supplies already in my scrapbooking stash so this project was FREE to make.  Can’t beat that!!  I got the idea and tutorial from LizzieJane Baby, so please visit her blog here to learn how to make some super cute hanging decorations of your own! Here is a look at it all coming together for me:

My first one turned out kind of wonky in the middle due to some issues with my paper cutter. That’s okay, though, because the star covered it up. It doesn’t always have to be perfect!!!

Once I switched to my freehand cutter and a straight edge, things went much more smooth. No more wonky middles!! Who likes wonky middles? That just sounds weird.

These don’t have to be just for the 4th, of course.  You could do them on Halloween paper and add a ghost, pumpkin or even a Frankenstein cut out.  Look at that, I’m getting new ideas now for this project!

Now these would be best hung inside as they are paper (I used paper for the star, too), but I just made sure to keep them well out of reach of my sprinklers and they have been fine for the month or so that they’ve been outside.  To hang them, I added a small metal grommet (found in the scrapbook section of your craft store) for reinforcement and threaded a length of hemp twine through.  I tied the twine in a loop and hung it on a nail and TA-DA I had some patriotic cuteness for my house.

Go……create something beautiful today!!  I’m off to clean my bathrooms 🙂